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Tuition Policies


   Tuition is not based on single lessons or the number of classes per month, but it is a YEARLY fee for the total classes, workshops and rehearsals provided in 30 weeks, or two 15-week semesters. For your convenience, payments may be made in three installments per semester or for the whole semester. Monthly and yearly payments are not an option this year. Allowance is made for holidays, and a discount is given for students taking more than one class per week. We regret we do not accept credit cards of any kind, but we do have a VENMO account set up through Ms. Mary Beth (@MaryBeth-Cauthen). Please note, those using Venmo, due to updates in the app, they have started charging a fee for anything denoted as a service.  Please just enter your student's name in the description rather than "dance" or "tuition" so we can keep the fees at a minimum. Cash, checks and money orders are welcome as are automated payments set up through your bank. Fees are due and payable in advance in your choice of the following:

   *Installments, 3 per semester: Aug. 16, Sept. 20, Oct. 25, Jan. 3, Feb. 7, & Mar. 14
  *Semester payments: Due at registration or no later than Aug.16 and by January 3. 

We do not send statements unless tuition is late. A $5 surcharge or 10% of the total due, whichever is greater, will be assessed after the due date. A $25 service fee is charged for all returned checks. More than 2 returned checks in a year will result in cash only policy. 

There will be no refunds for advance payments. In the event of class cancellation due to weather, Covid-19 or other closures, no refunds will be given. However, makeup classes will be offered when possible. ***If a student wishes to withdraw, a written notice must be sent one month in advance of withdrawal. Students will be responsible for tuition until such notice is received.***

*Please note that we are unable to accept post-dated checks. Any arrangements for payment at other times than on the installment due date, must be done ahead of time with Ms. Kay or Ms. Mary Beth. Any post-dated checks received without prior arrangements will not be accepted and will be subject to a late charge. This includes payment for costumes and tuition.

Parents, please read carefully! Here is the payment plan for spring recital costumes. Your family recital fee of $50 will be due the week of September 13. Your next installment will be a deposit toward your total costume bill. We recommend a $35 per costume deposit. It is due October 11 week. The final balance will be due Nov. 29 week. Costumes must be paid in full before they can be ordered. You are also welcome to make an additional payment in November. Hopefully, this will help spread out your payments. Although we are planning a spring recital, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to have if community or state Covid-19 restrictions are implemented. Please realize that we are at the mercy of state and community guidelines. Costumes, once ordered, are not refundable. 


​                                                               2 PAYMENTS                                                  6 PAYMENTS
                                                    Due @ registration & Jan.3                 Due Aug.16, Sept.20, Oct. 25, Jan. 3, Feb.7, Mar.14     

30 minutes per week                                    $198                                                                $66
45 minutes per week                                    $225                                                                $75
1 hour per week                                           $247.50                                                            $82.50
1 1/4 hours per week                                   $283.50                                                            $94.50
1 1/2 hours per week                                   $306                                                                 $102
1 3/4 hours per week                                   $328.50                                                            $109.50
2 hours per week                                         $351                                                                 $117
2 1/4 hours per week                                   $373.50                                                            $124.50
2 1/2 hours per week                                   $396                                                                 $132
2 3/4 hours per week                                   $418.50                                                            $139.50
3 hours per week                                         $486                                                                 $162
Unlimited (more than 3 hrs.)                        $607.50                                                            $202.50
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