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Tuition Policies

      Tuition is not based on single lessons or the number of classes per month, but it a YEARLY fee for the total classes, workshops and rehearsals provided in thirty-three weeks or two 16 and 1/2 week semesters. For your convenience, payments may be made by the month, semester or year.
     *Monthly payments are offered as a courtesy to our families, but do not reflect an even number of lessons per month.* Allowance is made for holidays, and a discount is given for students taking more than one class per week and for those paying by semester or year. We regret we do not accept credit cards of any kind except by special arrangement--cash,check or money order only.  Payment through VENMO is available @MaryBeth-Cauthen or by bank draft. Fees are due and payable in advance in your choice of the following methods:
                                      *Monthly payments: Due on the 1st lesson of each month. Late fee assesses after the 7th.
                                      *Semester payments: Due at registration or no later than August 13, and by December 3. 
                                      *Yearly payments: Due at registration or no later than August 13. A 6% discount applies.
     We do not send statements unless tuition is late. A $5.00 surcharge or 10% of the total due, whichever is greater, will be assessed after the 7th of the month. A $25.00 service fee is charged for all returned checks.  There will be no refunds for advance payments. Credit may be applied to another family member's tuition only. If a student wishes to withdraw, a written notice must be sent one month in advance of withdrawal. Students will be responsible for tuition until such notice is received. *Please note that we are not set up to receive post-dated checks. Any arrangements for payment at other times than on the first lesson of the month, must be done ahead of time with Ms. Kay or Ms. Mary Beth. Any post-dated checks received without prior arrangements will not be accepted and will be subject to a late charge. This includes payment for costumes as well as tuition.*

    TUITION SCHEDULE                            1 PAYMENT                             2 PAYMENTS                         9 PAYMENTS
                                             Due at registration. 6% Discount.         Due at registration & Dec.10     Due on 1st lesson of month/After 7th
  30 minutes per week                            $381                                      $192                                   $45/$50
  45 minutes per week                            $423                                      $215                                   $50/$55/
  1 hour per week                                   $465                                      $237                                   $55/$60
  1 ¼ hours per week                              $533                                      $273                                   $63/$69
  1 ½ hours per week                              $575                                      $296                                   $68/$74
  1 ¾ hours per week                              $617                                      $318                                   $73/$80
  2 hours per week                                  $660                                      $341                                   $78/$85
  2 ¼ hours per week                              $702                                      $363                                    $83/$91
  2 ½ hours per week                              $745                                      $396                                    $88/$96
  2 ¾ hours per week                              $787                                      $408                                    $93/$102
  3 hours per week                                  $914                                      $476                                    $108/$118
  Unlimited (More than 3 hrs./wk)           $1142                                     $597                                    $135/$148

    Single classes are $16 per hour. College rates are $12 per hour. Discounts are given for yearly or semester payments. The non-refundable registration fee is $50 per family. Recital fee is $50 per family. No refunds or deductions given for missed classes. Classes may be made up depending upon availability.